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Newinfo  Platform Privacy Policy ․

These rules apply to resources under the domain, which together may be referred to as Newinfo.


You are considered to be using the Newinfo news platform

are you a person who has accepted the terms of the platform;

Any information provided by journalists, readers, translators and other users to the Newinfo platform is protected by international conventions and norms and is not subject to disclosure to other persons or organizations.

Depending on the scope of the Platform's activity, any User Identification or Personal Data may be provided by the Platform solely on the basis of a decision by a competent court in the event that a lawsuit is filed against that person seeking to eliminate the infringement or to compensate for the damage caused thereto. a criminal case in which the person whose data is requested is a suspect, accused, defendant, victim, civil plaintiff or civil respondent nog. In addition, such infringement must be caused by activities on the platform.


The platform has the right of journalists and translators who wish to carry out journalistic or translation functions on the platform, have the right to take the person;

  • first name, last name
  • place of residence or place of business: country, region, city,
  • sex,
  • information about languages,
  • necessary payment information,
  • email address,
  • phone number,
  • passport details,
  • other personalized data

    The Platform has the right to remove any user (except journalists);

    first name, last name
  • place of residence: country, region, city,
  • sex,
  • email address,
  • phone number,
  • preferences
  • other personalized data

    The password is protected by special encryption codes

The above personal data may be used by the Site for the following purposes:

To user ․

Show articles about his region,

Show articles relevant to her age and sex,

Show articles that suit his preferences,

Offer to follow the journalists who live in their place of residence on the media platform,

Offer to keep up-to-date on current topics in the media,

Show targeted and useful ads as much as possible,

Offer to follow the public on the media platform that will interest him.

Reporters ․


Commit to using reliable sources,

Obliging to produce articles in accordance with the rules of journalistic ethics;

Encourage the preparation of literate articles,

To help form a stable audience,

Provide an opportunity to know the age, sex, interests of its readers, place of residence: country, region, city,

Enable interviews with public officials,

Provide opportunities to collaborate with journalists in other countries and regions who are registered on the media platform;

The privacy policy of the Platform can be edited at any time. The Site is under no obligation to notify any user registered on the Site if the Privacy Policy is changed.