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These Terms and Conditions apply to Resources operating under the Domains of Styleinfo.am, Goalinfo.am, Newinfo.am, which together may be referred to as Newinfo.

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you are a person who has accepted the terms of use of the platform;

Journalists who publish them are responsible for the content of articles published on the Newinfo news-informative platform.

However, the platform shall exercise control in order to prevent and eliminate any type of infringement. In this platform, journalists are required to abide by the rules of journalistic ethics, international declarations and conventions, and readers are required to exercise restraint and respect the rights and freedoms of journalists.


The copyright of the articles published on the Newinfo platform belongs to the journalists who published them and to the Newinfo news-informative platform.


Articles published on the platform are permitted exclusively for reading.


When expressing an opinion on an article published on the platform, an opinion on the journalist and copyright of the article published on the Platform is a mandatory condition through active reference.


Headline and content copying of the article published on the news platform is prohibited.


The information platform has a public offering: every natural person can register and perform journalistic activities on the platform.